Over $300,000 in funds and resources pumped into our schools!

What We Do

Pump funds to Schools. Grant School Wishes. Support Families.

What We Do

With the help of our FuelMySchool supporters, we’ve been able to do some great things for schools, students and families in our community. With over 500 wishes granted and more than $300,000 in funds and resources pumped into the community, we’ve had a lot of fun giving back.

Pump funds to schools through the Shop4Schools Mall.

No need to sell anything or solicit anyone…just shop online like you normally would and a portion goes back to your school. The easiest way to earn CASH for your school.

Grant wishes by connecting schools with the community.

100% of what is donated goes to the school at no cost to them! Over 400 wishes have been granted and growing. Just find your school to grant a wish.

Support children and families in innovative ways.

We know there are many needs in the community beyond the classroom. FuelMySchool supports the needs of students both in and out of school.

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