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Schools–List Wishes! Community–Grant Wishes!

test Support school needs with FuelMySchool

MySchoolWish is an online communication tool in which schools can list their school needs (i.e. football helmets, copy paper, books, etc.) on their FuelMySchool page. Members of the community can easily become a real-life genie by granting school wishes online.

Help Fulfill School Needs

We already know how much you care about our schools and our kids, but do you know exactly what they need?

Do you know there are schools that just need soccer balls for Physical Education? How about boxes of markers for art or tambourines for music class?

If you know what they need, you can make it happen; simply and easily! Here’s how… at FuelMySchool we believe in our community and have created MySchoolWish so that making a difference in our schools is as easy as A-B-C and 1-2-3!

  • A.

    Schools list tangible wishes on FuelMySchool.

  • B.

    Search your community school wishes on FuelMySchool and find a wish to grant.

  • C.

    Click the grant button.

  • 1.

    E-mail the school directly to grant the wish! Simply and easily!

  • 2.

    Kudos are posted and you have made a difference in your community!

  • 3.

    The school posts their next wish and the path to change continues.

Together with FuelMySchool.com, you can help enrich your community one wish at a time. MySchoolWish makes it so easy for you to give back to our schools. Thank you for all your school support!