FuelMySchool Mall Program FAQs

What is the FuelMySchool.com Shop4Schools Mall Program?

FuelMySchool.com offers the Shop4Schools online shopping mall that was created to help schools raise money for various student and educational programs. You are able to access your school’s mall simply by visiting www.FuelMySchool.com, find your school and select the Shop4Schools button to get started. Shop directly from well-known retailers such as Expedia.com, Target.com and many more and a percentage of your purchase will go back to your school. The best thing about this program is there are no additional costs or inflated prices to participate in this program and what a great concept! Giving money back to our schools while doing your everyday shopping has never been easier!

Do I pay extra to shop through the Shop4Schools Mall Program?

Not a penny! You can even save money with special deals and coupons offered by participating retailers.

Do you charge schools to participate?

No. We do not charge any school who participates!

If you don't charge the schools or shoppers, how do you keep your lights on?

We receive our money from the merchants for directing business to their site. So, we're only as successful as the schools we help support.

How can I be assured that the selected schools are receiving the proper commission?

The Shop4Schools Mall has integrated a tracking system to reconcile individual school participation and purchases. We are happy to provide copies of this information to our schools for review. We here at FuelMySchool.com are also Florida educated so can rest assure these numbers will be right on!!!

If I forget to purchase through the Shop4Schools Mall and went directly to the retailer's web page, can the school still receive their cash rewards?

NO!!!!!!! In order to earn cash rewards for online shopping you must start at FuelMySchool.com, SEARCH for your school and then select the school’s Shop4Schools Button. That is the only way the Shop4Schools Mall can accurately track your shopping and reward your school.

What are cookies? How are they used?

A cookie is a small file sent to your web browser when you access a web site. The Shop4Schools Mall uses cookies to identify shoppers selected schools and to accurately ensure that all cash rewards are properly tracked in order to be given to the correct school.

Is my personal information secure when shopping through the Shop4Schools Mall?

The Shop4Schools Mall DOES NOT collect any personal information on our shoppers. All purchases and personal information are given on the specific retailer’s website (ex. Expedia.com & Target.com) where your purchases are being made. We don't have any access to your personal information or financial data.

Is it secure to shop through the Shop4Schools Mall with a credit card?

ABSOLUTELY! FuelMySchool.com features the most reputable stores in online shopping. Remember, you will not be using your credit card in the Shop4Schools Mall, you will be using your credit card at the independent retailers. Please refer to the individual stores website for their security and privacy policies.

What if a shopper is not satisfied with a purchase?

he Shop4Schools Mall is an independent program and only acts as a referral link to the national retailers. Each store is solely responsible for their own products & services and returns are subject to the respective retailers return policy.

How much of my purchase will be donated?

Donations vary by merchant. Each merchant page explains the company's donation policy.

When will the schools receive their cash rewards?

Checks are sent to the schools on a quarterly basis, 90 days in arrears. The 90 days allows retailers time to report merchandise returns. The Shop4Schools Mall program does not issue checks for under $25. Any school with a balance below $25 will have the balance carried forward quarterly until $25 accrues.

How much of my purchase cost is donated back to my school?

In an affiliate program, retailers on average pay between .05%-20% of the purchase price for most items purchased. Some merchants vary the donation based on the type of merchandise or service purchased. For example, an electronics store may offer 5% on TVs, 2% on MP3 players, and no donation for entertainment centers. The typical donation is, generally, the most common donation a merchant offers. Each merchant’s page displays a detailed description of that merchant's donation program.