Over $150,000 in funds and resources pumped into our schools!

FUN-Raiser Programs


How often have you been approached to buy a magazine, cookie dough or wrapping paper for your local school? If you have children in school you witness firsthand how often your they come home with order forms, catalogs and collection envelopes with the mission to sell as much as possible. Do you ever wonder how much money from these fundraisers goes back directly to the school? At FuelMySchool we said, "enough is enough" and created a new innovative way for schools to receive the funding they need. The FuelMySchool FUN-Raiser programs are FREE to both schools and you. These programs earn your school cash rewards for the things you already do - like shopping online! Check out all the great ways to help our schools!



MySchoolWish: A simple solution to get our schools the items they need. Find your school's page on FuelMySchool.com to view a list of open school wishes and become a real-life genie by selecting an item that you can grant. The school will work directly with you to coordinate the fulfillment of these items. Often times, these wishes are items that may be around your household or work area and are simply not being used. Please put them to good use and help our schools by making a wish come true today! Learn More →

Shop4Schools: From your school's page on FuelMySchool.com click Shop4Schools and you will be connected to your school's mall. Shop online for your everyday, special occasion and holiday purchases just as you already do but through FuelMySchool.com your school will earn cash rewards for your purchases.
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Cars4Schools: A program brought to us by American Sales and Leasing, a Central Florida company, offering wholesale automotive prices to the public and assisting community schools in earning fundraising dollars.
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Cash4Schools: Gives you the convenience of making a direct donation to the school of your choice. Find your school and see how easy it is!
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