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What is FuelMySchool

About FuelMySchool

Is FuelMySchool a 501c3 organization?

Yes. MyGoLocker Inc. DBA FuelMySchool is an exempt organization as described in Sections 501 (c )(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

What percentage of my donation supports FuelMySchool staff and offices?

Zilch. Zero percent, nada and nothing.

Who operates FuelMySchool?

FuelMySchool is a completely volunteer staffed organization that is operated from home offices on laptops that are privately owned! Our success is based on people seeking to only meaningfully contribute to others in need in the community.


What happens to any purchases I make after May 31, 2015?

Funds earned through any purchases made through a FuelMySchool Shop4Schools Mall will be directed to the School Supply Drive.


Can anyone grant a wish?

Yes, anyone can visit the website, see the wish and have the option to grant it. It doesn't matter where they are from.

Who submits the wishes to our school page?

The person designated as your FuelMySchool Administrator has the ability to log in and post and edit your school's wishes.

Do I send the donated items to FuelMySchool? Will FuelMySchool take care of the delivery of the granted item?

No. Think of FuelMySchool as the communication vehicle for our school's needs. When you are granting a school wish you will be contacted by the school and together you and the school can decide on the best way to get the items you are granting to the school.


What is the FuelAFamily program?

This is a holiday season program whereas our schoolís nominate students and families in need who would benefit greatly by receiving gifts and necessities to assist them during the holiday season.

How do I donate to FuelAFamily?

You can make a direct donation to FuelMySchool here.

Can I Ďadoptí a family for FuelAFamily?

Absolutely! This is the best way to make a meaningful difference for a family during the holiday. We can assist you by providing a profile of a family.


How does Cars4Schools work?

We have partnered with a wholesale car dealership to bring this program to the community. Through Cars4Schools you get personalized assistance in purchasing a vehicle with NO ADDED DEALER FEES.

How does my school benefit?

Simply select the school you wish to support and $200 will be given to the school for every vehicle purchased.


What are your supply drives?

FuelMySchool has participated in many Community Back to School Events in August for several years. We are proud to be a big part of kicking off a new school year by providing backpacks, bare necessities and supplies to students and families in need.

How do I donate to Supplies4Students?

You can make a direct donation to FuelMySchool here.

"I really appreciate all that you are doing to help and promote schools.† We are really excited to get FuelMySchool off the ground. Thanks so much! "
Arbor Ridge K-8 School