Over $300,000 in funds and resources pumped into our schools!

The FuelMySchool Story

Affecting change is a noble task that many undertake and practice with great success, however, there is always more that we can do together.

Photo One day, or once upon a time, two sisters (that’s us), were chatting about the fantastic community they love. They began to talk about schools and how they were dealing with budget cuts to programs in massive amounts and the impact of all of this on the families in the community. “Enough!” they said, “Things need to get better!”

We agreed that everyone shares an interest in making a difference in these times, but converting this interest and concern into action is the true challenge.

We began thinking about life’s challenges and the days when we spent our time facing challenges on the fields and the courts of our youth. Most of all, our love of a good challenge ignited something inside and our passion for taking action took charge in one little word, HOW?

We heard the call for a creative solution.

How can we take our community- our families, our businesses and our schools, and provide a place where they come together and make a difference in our schools together?

The answer began to unfold.

In this day and age with the demands of our daily lives increasing ever so much, we knew we had to create something that was simple, easy and rather effortless to keep community involvement strong.

A-ha! (That was when the A-ha moment happened!). Reach out to everyone, keep awareness alive, provide smart programs and bring all the resources in the community together in one place to support our schools!

And, so FuelMySchool.com was born (Happy Birthday FuelMySchool.com) and our journey to create a place where everyone together can affect positive change is begun.

PictureFuelMySchool.com is about our schools. It is about being the one place where you can go to support schools by granting their wishes and earning them cash rewards through simple to use programs.

FuelMySchool.com is about you. At FuelMySchool.com, you have a role in enriching education and you can feel good about living in a community where people truly care about making a difference.

Check us out. Stay awhile and come back often to the place that is all about you and about making a positive change in your community.

This story has just begun and while happy endings are always the way of the greatest stories ever told; FuelMySchool.com is about the happy journey! Take it with us!

Thanks for your support,

Lisa & Krista
FuelMySchool.com Founders, Sisters & most importantly - Community Fans